AOS aesthetics, neuroesthetics, phenomenology 

AOC philosophy of art, existentialism 

I am a postgraduate research student and teaching assistant in philosophy at University College London (UCL), studying towards a PhD after award of the MPhil Stud and Graduate Research Scholarship for Cross-Disciplinary Training. I am also a recent Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy (AFHEA).

My research is in aesthetics and neuroesthetics, with a focus on the phenomenology of aesthetic experiences. My doctoral thesis is on methodology in aesthetics, and proposes a neuro-phenomenological approach based on the method of epoché i.e. a "suspension" like in the "suspension of disbelief".

I am an organiser for the London Aesthetics Forum and an associate researcher for the UCL Laboratory of Neurobiology (Zeki Lab). I teach across departments on the UCL Aesthetics and UCL Neuroesthetics modules, among others; I also teach Introductory and Advanced tutorials, for which I designed both syllabuses. I have worked with UCL Philosophy, UCL Biosciences, UCL Arts & Sciences, as well as UCL's associated Slade School of Fine Art and Bartlett School of Architecture. I have also worked as a Warden and Student Residence Adviser for UCL Registry. ∎ 

Taylor Enoch Academic CV 2024.pdf